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Hi, Brian. I called Vispero about the “Has popup message. Nikki at Vispero told me that “Has popup is synonymous with “Autocomplete” in NVDA. It used to say Autocomplete in JAWS as well, but some users told them that they didn’t like JAWS always saying Autocomplete, so they changed the verbiage to Has popup. It’s a situation where there’s an edit field, and as soon as some letters are typed in the edit field, suggestions appear below. She told me that by using the Virtual Cursor key (NumPad Plus twice, then arrowing down, the results of the popup or autocomplete can be viewed. In Firefox, these results may also be seen by Tabbing a few times.


When I explained that JAWS also says Has popup, in situations where a mouse hover is needed, she said that JAWS gets its information from the webpage, and that if the webpage sends information to JAWS that acts like an autocomplete, even though it’s a mouse hover, JAWS won’t know the difference, and will act as if it’s a situation where you would type in some letters, and suggestions would appear. This is what they mean by a popup.


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          That is inaccurate based on any version/definition of "pop up" I've ever encountered.  This is something that might be worth pursuing with Vispero (formerly VFO, formerly Freedom Scientific).  I'd love to hear the explanation behind this.


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