Re: keystrokes for pop-ups


What version of Firefox?   I'm on 62.0.3.

When I open Options, and I'm using NVDA right now, it just announces "Unknown" when I'm in the search box, which is where you land by default, and I can tab out of it to items on the page.  If I return to that edit box it announces it has auto complete.  When I try to look for a frame I get that there are none.

I really can't explain why JAWS would be reporting a "Pop up" and I'm imagining that this might be how "has auto complete" is being reported for some odd reason.  There is definitely no pop up.  As you type characters into that search box what is displayed keeps getting more and more limited based on what you've entered (provided there's a match).  For example, as I type the first five letters of "language" the display keeps changing until the only thing I have is language options.  I can tab out of the search box to the Choose Language button and the checkbox related to spell checking.


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