Re: jaws 2018 and thinking to buy a NAS

Edward Green

Hi Daan,

I use a device in the MyCloud series from Western Digital and it works well.

I don't know how it compares features-wise with the companies you mention, though my needs are relatively basic.



On 11 Oct 2018, at 12:15, Daan Staes <> wrote:


I am currently using jaws 2018 and want to buy a NAS. Since
accessibility of the interface of the NAS is very important I send
this message to the group to ask if there is someone to help me to
choose the most accessible NAS system.

I read Synology is a good company that makes NAS systems with cool
features and a big app store. I am wondering if the interface of "disk
station" is accessible and also are the extra apps also accessible.

Are there other NAS systems like QNAP or Netgear also accessible?


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