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Steve Boodram

Asking a silly question here, why does the workd bulk appears in the subject of some of the messages from this list? Thanks and please pardon my ifgnorance.

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Format cells Control 1 arrow right to alignment tab then tab until you hear
shrink to fit Check or un check

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A couple things:

First select your entire worksheet and Press Alt+o, then c then a. This auto
sizes all columns in the sheet.

then with everything still selected, Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells Dialog.

Ctrl+Tab to the Alignment page. Tab to word wrap and check the box.

These things may help.

Also somewhere there is a "shrink to fit" option for fonts, but not sure
where it is. Perhaps on the print dialog.

Dave Carlson
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Would someone please tell me how to auto fit cells so that all the
information in a cell is printed despite its size?

Thank You,


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