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hi, had mirc years ago. the sapi 4 or 5 voices were great for that prog. have to do program associatations to do the voices thing. cannot remember the steps but I remember them being pretty straight forward after getting past the lingo.

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It is a rip of mrc with speech available from but not sure where the website went to.

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Hi there,

I just joined dthis group end this is my first question.
I was browsing the internet in search of accesibility with an oldschool IRC chatclient and I stumbled upona forum that was linked to this group and there I found an answer but I got stuck.
Someone suggested the well known mIRc as a client in combination with the script mirc4life.
ik downloaded and installed mIRC.
However, I couldn't find a website with a downloadable version of mIRC4life.

Could someone please show me where I can download mirc4life?

Best regards and thanks in advance.


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