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Hi Mike,

How or where would you want to use this typing interrupt turned off? I
turned it off and saw that my key strokes would no longer stop JAWS from
speaking, it just kept on talking. Just trying to learn something new.


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Hi Lori,

To turn off typing interrupt do the following; 1. Press Insert / Jaws Key +
6 on the number row above the main keyboard to open the Settings Center
then, press Control, shift, + D, to open the Settings Center default for all
2. Arrow down to Users, press right arrow to open.
3. Arrow down to, typing interrupt, & press the spacebar to uncheck this

Now, keep arrowing down until you get to Speech Verbosity. This is where you
will change your verboscity to advanced. Do the following; 1. Press the
right arrow to open Speech Verboscity.
2. Arrow down 1 time to, Verbosity Level Beginner Highest Speech Verboscity,
& press the spacebar until Jaws reads Advanced Lowest.
3. Now, tab to apply, press the spacebar, tab to okay, press the spacebar,
to save all of your changes, & close the Settings Center.

Hope this helped. Take care.

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Hi could someone tell me how I access the advanced verbosity so I can
make Jaws stop saying keys and letters? Also I want to turn typing
interupt off, but not sure how to do it. Thanks from Lori.

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