Re: stopping chrome speaking remaining download time

paul lemm

Morning Bill,


Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I still need to use jaws in other programs whilst its downloading, so turning off the speech isn’t really an option for  me. thanks for the suggestion though, I think I’ll just have to revert to downloading  really big files through IE, since that doesn’t give me the progress updates. Its not a big deal to  have to do it this way, I  just thought I’d ask in case there was a way of shutting it off in chrome.





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Subject: Re: stopping chrome speaking remaining download time


Hi, Paul. I think the only way to stop the announcements is to turn off JAWS speech with INSERT plus SPACE, followed by S.


For this to work, you must go into your default configuration file for JAWS, and turn Less Speech options from Speech On Demand to Mute Speech.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: stopping chrome speaking remaining download time




I tried the jaws quick settings for chrome with jaws key and V,  I managed to find the  progress bar  option, I’ve changed it to silent , but I’m still getting the ‘alert downloading, 2 hours left’ message. Thanks for the idea none the less, any other suggestions that might stop the announcements?




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Subject: Re: stopping chrome speaking remaining download time


When in Chrome, do Insert V to open the JAWS settings for Chrome. Near the bottom of the tree view, you’ll find the progress bar verbosity settings.   You can either turn them off or I think you can change how often they let you know of the progress.






From: <> On Behalf Of paul lemm
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 1:40 PM
Subject: stopping chrome speaking remaining download time




wondering if anyone can help, I use chrome  as my main web browser , but when I download files  every minute                 or there about jaws updates me on the download progress, this isn’t a problem for small files, but if I want to download something that will take an hour or two constantly getting the download update gets a little annoying.  Is there any setting I can alter to stop jaws constantly reading the download progress?




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