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Same here, not 20 or 30 seconds, but whereas Jaws 2018 would typically take about 15 or so seconds to start speaking after entering my password and pressing enter Jaws 2019 takes about half that, maybe 6 or 8 seconds. So far pretty much everybody on the beta list confirmed this when we first got Jaws 2019 beta.

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2019 starts way faster for me, as in 20-30 seconds faster. This is
from login to when jaws starts responding. I also get similarly faster
times for login itself.

On 10/9/18, Ann Byrne <> wrote:
When I am reading a numbered list in Word 2016 with SayAll, the beta
reads the numbers but not the information. I have to read
line-by-line to see what the list is about. I tested in 2018, and it
reads both numbers and information. Is anyone else seeing
this? Yes. I reported it.

Soronel Haetir

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