GDP Pocket2

Randy Meyer

Can anyone give me any thoughts on running Jaws with a Focus Blue 14 Braille display on a GDP Pocket2 small laptop.  I will include the IndieGoGo link which has all of the specs at the end of my email.


I am running an ElBraille for note taking needs right now, but I find it to be slow using office 365, and I have a hard time performing windows updates with the 30GB hard drive on the ElBraille.


It looks like I would trade the convenience of having my Braille display docked in the ElBraille for a faster experience on the GDP Pocket2, and gain a mini keyboard and screen.  The GDP Pocket2 is less expensive than the ElBraille as well.


I would appreciate any feedback from some of you who know more about processor speed and performance.


Here is a link to the GDP Pocket2 specs.


Randy Meyer

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