Any Way To Expand The Size Of The JAWS Dictionary?

Kane Brolin

Hi, folks.

I use, at various times, JFW 15 and JFW 2018--both fully
authorized--on a Dell notebook running Windows 7. The following might
seem like a picky or unimportant question, but to me it represents an

I appear to be running out of room to make new entries in my JAWS
Dictionary Manager. Whenever I attempt adding a new entry--that is,
to teach JAWS how to pronounce a given word--I get an error message
saying the JDiction MFC Application has stopped working due to an
unspecified problem. (I presume the file has reached its size limit.)
I've built up lots of pronunciation entries over the years and would
like to keep adding more. But is there a way to do this? Or am I out
of luck? Right now my dictionary file contains 49.612
kilobytes--seemingly not much by today's standards.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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