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From: paul lemm
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: can't hear jaws when I get a skipe call

Hi Sieghard,


Thanks for the detailed explanation. It turns out I had skipe for windows 10, which I see from your email  is the universal app. I’ve uninstalled this and now downloaded and installed skipe 8 instead. Now I’m running skipe 8 everything is all working ok once again and jaws is no longer dipping volume when calls come in. thanks for the advice, I’m going to give the shortcut key trick you mentioned a go too, since this sounds a nice straight forward way to answer any incoming calls I get


Thanks again for the help.





From: <> On Behalf Of Sieghard Weitzel
Sent: 08 October 2018 18:57
Subject: Re: can't hear jaws when I get a skipe call


Hi Paul,


First of all go to your Sound Settings > Communications tab, here you will probably find that it is set to reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%, arrow down to “Do Nothing” and tab to OK and activate it, this should fix the issue about you not being able to hear Jaws. Probably easiest way to get there is to type “Sound” in the Windows/Cortana search box, arrow down until you find “Sound, control panel”, it will most likely open on the Playback tab, press Control+Tab three times until you get to Communications, Jaws will speak this information:


Windows can automatically adjust the volume of different sounds when you are using your PC to place or receive telephone calls. When Windows detects communications activity:

Do nothing radio button checked

This is what I have it set to, the options are as follows:

Mute all other sounds radio button, 1of 4

Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80% radio button 2 of 4

Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50% radio button, 3 of 4

Do nothing radio button, 4 of 4


As for answering calls, here is what Jaws recommends (taken from the What’s New in Jaws 2019 public beta):



Skype now offers three options on Windows 10.

1. You can continue using Skype Classic which is version 7 and works very well with JAWS. Note that Skype Classic is expected to be retired at some point not yet known.

Comment: I just read that while Microsoft had postponed Skype 7 retirement, it is now again set for I think late November.

2. You can download and install the new Desktop version 8, which is now supported in JAWS. See details below.

3. You can install the Universal App from the Microsoft Store. However, this is the least accessible at this time and we recommend you install Skype 7 or 8 for the best support.

For users moving to Skype 8, please be certain to download the version referred to as "Skype for Windows" which works well on Windows 10. Note that the Universal App we are not recommending is referred to as "Skype for Windows 10".

For those using Skype version 8, we have added some additional keystrokes to help with navigation since these options are not offered in Skype. These commands are:

• Move to the chat entry field: CTRL+INSERT+E

• Move to the chat history list: CTRL+INSERT+Y

• Move to the conversations list: CTRL+INSERT+N

You can also use the JAWS commands INSERT+W and INSERT+H while focused on Skype for a list of most of the keyboard commands you would want to know when using Skype. For a full list from Microsoft, please visit the

Skype Hotkeys Web Page

Comment: I put the table with the Skype Hotkeys on this website at the end of this message, but removed the Hot Keys for the Mac which are also listed here..


Tip (this is what you asked and want to implement):

You can assign a keystroke such as ALT+CTRL+S to the Skype icon on the Desktop to quickly open Skype to answer an incoming call.

If you are in another application and you receive an incoming call alert, you can press your shortcut keystroke to open Skype, press INSERT+UP ARROW or INSERT+TAB to read the caller information.

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+P or use TAB to choose Answer or Decline.


Best regards,



Skype 8 Hot Keys/Keyboard Shortcuts


Windows desktop Hotkey


Ctrl + I

Open Notification panel

Ctrl + , (Ctrl + comma)

Open app settings

Ctrl + H

Open Help in default browser

Ctrl + D

Launch main dial pad

Ctrl + N

Start new conversation

Ctrl + G

New group

Ctrl + F

Search for all contacts, messages and bots

Ctrl + Shift + S

Search within selected message

Alt + 1

Navigate to recent chats

Alt + 2

Open contacts

Alt + 3

Open contact screen to bots

Ctrl + O

Send feedback

Ctrl + R

Refresh the app

Ctrl + T

Open themes

Ctrl + Shift + T

Toggle between light and dark mode

Use Alt + V to bring up the View menu to zoom in, out, or return to actual size

Zoom in, zoom out, or view actual size

Ctrl + Shift + = to zoom in


Ctrl + - to zoom out


Ctrl + 0 for actual size


Up arrow after sending a message

Edit the last message sent

Ctrl + P

Show conversation profile

Ctrl + Shift + A

Add people to conversation

Ctrl + Shift + U

Mark as unread

Ctrl + Shift + K

Start a video call

Ctrl + Shift + P

Start an audio call

Ctrl + Shift + F

Send a file


Start a PSTN call

Ctrl + Shift + G

Open gallery

Ctrl + S

Take a snapshot

Ctrl + E

Hang up

Ctrl + M

Toggle mute

Down Arrow

Select the next message in the chat list

Up Arrow

Select the previous message in the chat list


From: <> On Behalf Of paul lemm
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 9:58 AM
Subject: can't hear jaws when I get a skipe call




So I’ve recently installed the latest version of skipe onto my PC, but when I get a skipe call come through I can’t hear Jaws any longer  to be able to answer the call. It seems like the volume of jaws is lowering when the skipe call comes through. Does anyone have or know of a solution to this? Also on a similar note, to answer an incoming skipe call  I usually use jaws key and f11 to view everything in my system tray, then scroll down to skipe click that and then from the skipe dropdown menu which appears I select answer call, is there a quicker way to answer a call, maybe a key combination/shortcut I’m not aware of?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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