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Joseph Norton

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This is not new for me.


For a long time, through several versions of JAWS, I’ve always needed to alt-tab into the update dialog after selecting “check for updates”


I’ve not worried about it too much, since I figured FS were aware of it and would fix it if they could.


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Hrmmm, I tried it with the desktop focused and did have to alt+tab,

then tried it again with Firefox focused (which was the case last

night when I tried this) and did not.


On 10/7/18, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

> I don't know why it focuses for you but not for me and Don, I just tried

> again while focus was on the desktop, I pressed Jaws Key+J, arrowed up to

> Help and then expanded it and arrowed to Check for Updates. After pressing

> enter it took a few seconds and I heard a ding, my focus remained on the

> desktop and when I pressed Alt+Tab the OK button of the Jaws update dialogue

> gained focus:

> JAWS Updates dialog

> You already have the latest JAWS version installed.

> OK Button

> Regards,

> Sieghard

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> I just tried this with jaws 2019 beta 2 and after the UIA confirmation

> window (nothing they can do about that one) the up to date message box

> was focused.

> On 10/7/18, Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...> wrote:

>> Hi Don,




>> I just tried this and while I currently have no updates I did have to

>> press

>> Alt+Tab to get to the dialogue with the message I was up to date and the

>> OK

>> button.


>> I suggest you provide this feedback to Freedom Scientific, it could be

>> more

>> a result of how Windows 10 does things, but it certainly won't hurt for

>> them

>> to take a look at it and, if it is a bug they can do something about then

>> hopefully it will be fixed in a future update. I am on the Jaws beta list

>> and will provide this feedback as well, but you should as well via the


>> for Windows Beta Report

>> Form<>, clicking on

>> this link takes you straight there.




>> Regards,


>> Sieghard




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>> When I open the Jaws 2018 or 2019 beta ui and go to help then check for


>> updates Jaws presents a dialog that jaws will not read until you do a


>> couple of alt tabs to get focus on the dialog box.  Why doesn't Jaws


>> automatically read dialog boxes it creates?













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