Re: Jaws and Firefox issue - only speaking commands not reading website


Hi Tracy:

You need Jaws 2018 for the new Firefox to work correctly. Is that the version of Jaws you are running?



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Subject: Jaws and Firefox issue - only speaking commands not reading website


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Okay, my kids both have Dell laptops and predominately use NVDA because Jaws hates their school's website.  Anyways they need to take an online test on another website and all Jaws is speaking is the keys we hit - it won't read any webpage.  I know this has to be something completely stupid, but I need to get this sorted out for them to take this test.... ugh.  We are all more familiar with NVDA and not Jaws which we obviously need to balance out but the kids prefer NVDA as they have no issue's with it.

Oh, Jaws and Firefox on updated versions.

When we open Firefox we are getting "Display of tab content is disabled due to incompatibility between Firefox and your accessibility software. Please update your screen reader or switch to Firefox Extended Support Release." - But I thought all this was ironed out with Jaws and that crazy version recently.

Thank you!

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