Re: can't hear jaws when I get a skype call


from another list, unfortunately there isn't any shortcut key to answer
a call. however the method to use is:

1. Make a shortcut key that immediately puts focus on the Skype 8
window. Do this by assigning a shortcut key to the Skype 8 Desktop shortcut.

2. When a call comes in, type your shortcut, tab for caller ID, then tab
to the Answer button and press Space.

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Subject: can't hear jaws when I get a skype call

JAWS does the same thing with Skype version 7.  There is a key
combination, alt + page up, to answer, so it is not an issue to not be
able to hear JAWS.  I do not know the Skype 8 answer call command, but I
know it exists.


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*Subject:* can't hear jaws when I get a skipe call


So I’ve recently installed the latest version of skipe onto my PC, but
when I get a skipe call come through I can’t hear Jaws any longer  to be
able to answer the call. It seems like the volume of jaws is lowering
when the skipe call comes through. Does anyone have or know of a
solution to this? Also on a similar note, to answer an incoming skipe
call  I usually use jaws key and f11 to view everything in my system
tray, then scroll down to skipe click that and then from the skipe
dropdown menu which appears I select answer call, is there a quicker way
to answer a call, maybe a key combination/shortcut I’m not aware of?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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