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If you are on an application in the start menu just right click on it and select “Pin to Start”.

I find the start menu in Windows 10 not very usefult to quickly get to the applications I use the most.

Much easier to pin them to the taskbar where you can use Windows Key + the number row from 1 to 0 as shortcuts.

For example, if you have Outlook as the first item on the very left of the taskbar, then Word, then Skype, press Windows Key+1 for Outlook, Windows Key+2 for Word, Windows Key+3 for Skype etc.

This allows you to pin 10 applications and I think most of us use maybe 6 or 8 applications the most.

Of course you can still put them on the desktop and assign shortcut keys to them or go to the actual file location of a shortcut, e.g. Notepad, and assign something like Alt+Control+N as a shortcut, then all you have to do is press Alt+Control+N from anywhere and Notepad opens.

Lastly using the Windows/Cortana search box by pressing the Windows Key and just typing the first couple of letters of an application often brings it up and then just press enter to launch, e.g. press Windows Key and type “Not” should cause Jaws to say “Notepad, desktop app”, now if you press enter Notepad launches.





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I’m using windows 10, office 2016 and the latest update of JAWS 2018.

Can someone tell me how to pin tiles to the start menu?


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