jaws training in Indianapolis Indiana

Tom Coburn

does anyone know where I can get josh training in Indianapolis Indiana? Without going through VR? and not spending hundreds of dollars?

where I work at Lowes corporate, in their call center, Jaws is not allowed. Zoomtext is, but Jaws is not, which seems weird to me because they use the same engine now but they tell me it’s not compatible with their siebel. java websites or avaya one-x  call center soft phone software, so I am working with VR to find me another job, for some reason they won’t get me trained on Jaws,  or NVDA, they think I can just learn it on the job.  i’m like no, switching from a screen magnifier to a screen reader requires training I haven’t been through yet, which takes months to learn, not minutes like VR seems to think. It drives me crazy. 

I had thought about going to Bosma for that training. that’s what my eye doctors want me to do, but I also know there are other options, like salesforce One I’d really like to do, or there’s another place out of state a friend was telling me about where are you go to a whole series of Blind training for nine months where every student is blindfolded.  that to me sounds like better training than Basma, but VR doesn’t want to cover anything out of state like that, so I’m trying to find another option to be trained on using screen readers in general so I can stay employed rather I stay at this job or move to another.  i’d like to move to another word Jaws is allowed if I can get trained on Jaws.  The rest of total blame training I’m not really concerned about staying employed is top priority

Tom Coburn 

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