Re: JAWS 2018 & the Signature Dialog in Outlook


Hi Brian,


Ask the person who has the problem to tab once past the edit box with the signature and then shift+tab back and see if that helps. Also, are you watching as he or she does this? Some people may thing the information is not there but they have to tab past all the stuff first like the font, bolt, underline and all that, the last thing before the actual edit field is “Hyperlink”.



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On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 10:05 AM, Richard Turner wrote:

Are you using Jaws 16?

No, I am not.  My subject says, clearly, JAWS 2018, as did the text of my original message and all follow ups by me.  Someone else introduced JAWS 16 into the mix and it is utterly irrelevant in this situation.

Both machines have fully licensed and activated versions of JAWS 2018 on them.  One is a Windows 7 box with Office 2013, the other a Windows 10 box with Office 2010.  Both have exactly the same issue with the signature edit box and with not announcing the shortcut key(s) for controls in the lower ribbon as you traverse it.

The latter is particularly maddening as there is no way for my students to learn what those shortcut keys are as things stand when they're rooting around in ribbons for a control they had not previously used much or at all but that they are now wanting to use frequently and want to access directly.

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