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Hi, Brian. I’m using JAWS 2018.1808.10, and my Word 2010 announces shortcuts.

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           Thanks for the tip, but I have now come to the conclusion that something's off in JAWS 2018.  I am getting precisely the same behavior on two different machines, one running Win7/Word 2013 and the other Win10/Word 2010.

            The issue is not in Word, as it's showing the shortcut keys as you hit ALT+{Ribbon Letter} for all the controls in the ribbon, JAWS just refuses to read them off as you traverse the actual controls themselves.

             I reported the issue on the Win10/Word 2010 machine and the response I received is one of those non-response responses that infuriate me.  "We no longer support Office 2010."  Well, VFO, let me tell you that while I understand this, you can be darned sure that something that's appearing with Word 2010 related to the ribbons can and will be appearing for later versions.   And, of course, it is.   I'm fine with saying we no longer support Word 2010 at this juncture, but the follow on should be, "and we will check if this behavior is present with JAWS 2018 and later supported versions of Microsoft Office."  It's pretty clear that's not what's happening.

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