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Hi Brian,
In Word options on the Advanced tab press, Alt + H, to go to, Show shortcut keys in screen tips, and check this box if it isn't checked.  Now see if this helps with the problem you're having.
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Update:  Sadly, tweaking the access keys settings to all didn't change a thing.

I know darned well that at one time when you traversed the ribbon the "end of shortcut" sequence for the control on which you've landed was announced.  I rely on that as far as a student's ability to keep adding to their own "greatest hits" list as they find controls they use all the time.  It doesn't help to know if, for instance, in Microsoft Word that the font is in the Home Ribbon, Font Group, and that you can get to it "the long way" each time rather than knowing that if you hit ALT+H,FF will instantly take you there.  I need that FF to somehow be announced when you land on that control, and NVDA still does it by default.  I know JAWS can, too.


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