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Randy Meyer



I have had some luck viewing pdf files in google chrome.  Find the file on your computer you want to look at and hit your application key, which is the same as right clicking on the file.  A menu will pop up, arrow down until you find open file with submenu and hit enter.  You should see an option to open with google chrome.


Alternatively, open google chrome and press control-o for open file.  Find the pdf file you want to open and hit enter.


I have had some good results viewing some pdf files in chrome, but I do not know if you will be able to read your table correctly.  I do know that I have used the find command successfully when the file is readable.


I believe this will only work with searchable pdf files with actual text.  I do not think this will work with image files that need to be recognized by Jaws.


I hope this helps.  I wish there was a better more consistent alternative then pdf files, but we are stuck with what the standard public is using.


Randy Meyer


From: <> On Behalf Of John Doering
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 7:39 AM
Subject: Acrobat Reader



I am using Acrobat Reader to access PDF files for a project at work.

This morning when I opened a file, the tables in the file were no longer available and the find function does not seem to be working.

Opened this same file yesterday afternoon and all was well. 

Tried opening the file several times and also rebooted.  Get the same result.

Has there been an update to Acrobat Reader that I am not aware of or any other suggestions to get Reader to work as before?





John Doering

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