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Mike B. <mike9902@...>

Hi Again Bob,
Those checkboxes you speak of, might be radio buttons, so try to up or down arrow on one of them to see if you get another option.
Before I go to bed here's a set of steps to try to see if they help:
From: Carlos
To enable System Restore do the following.
1. Press Windows key+R to open the "Run" dialog.
2. Type, SystemPropertiesProtection, followed by Enter.
3. When the "System Properties" dialog opens, make sure that the
"System Protection" tab is selected.
4. Tab until you find the list and select your system drive.
5. If it says
then System Restore is already enabled.  If it says
tab to the
button and select it.
6. Select the
"Turn on system protection"
radio button.
7. Use the
"Max Usage"
slider to select how much drive space you want to be used for restore
points.  I would recommend at least 5 to 10 percent, but if you have a large
drive then you can set it higher if you prefer.
8. Select the
button twice to close the
"System Protection"
"System Properties"
dialogs respectively.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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From: Onwardbob
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Subject: 1809 and creating restore point

Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't create a restore point. Using
J-2018 and W-1809 I can get in to the create restore point but it shows
recovery off and I can't uncheck this. In configure, disable system
protection is also checked and I can't uncheck it either. Can someone give
me step by step instructions? Thank, this one has me feeling dumb...s


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