Re: Jaws 2018 and Win 10 1809

David Moore

Hi all!

I am a Windows 10 insider, and I love Windows 10 1809 with JAWS 2019!

In the mail app, JAWS 2019 now reads the suggestions as you type an email address into the edit box.

JAWS 2019 is very snappy in the settings app.

You will have to turn off the background apps you do not want to run.

Narrator, is much improved in Edge!

I just used that combination to listen to YouTube videos!

With Narrator, the Twitter app is almost accessible. We are getting close.

The emoji in Windows 10 is very accessible with Narrator!

JAWS2019, reads progress bars in downloads in Chrome much better in Windows 10 1809.

Chrome works much better with JAWS, over all, in Windows 10 1809.

You will just love it!

David Moore


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


From: Don H
Sent: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 8:06 PM
Subject: Jaws 2018 and Win 10 1809


My computer has updated itself to Win 10 1809.  After the upgrade was

complete I got a error message stating that fsatproxy.exe could not be

started.  I closed the dialog box stating this by hitting on the OK

button.  I then rebooted the computer and this message did not come up

again.  Jaws 2018 seems to be running ok.





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