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Annabelle Susan Morison

Is QuickBooks good at managing information that is otherwise confidential? In other words, things like credit card numbers? Like what computers do when they mask a password with circle characters?

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There is QuickBooks with script sat:




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Subject: Accessible Business Management Software


Hi, it's Annabelle.

I know this might sound complicated, but I'm wondering, do any of you JAWS members out there know if there's a software that works with JAWS, with which I can manage customer accounts? When I start my company making products and services that are accessible for people of all abilities, I want to be able to have an accessible software for managing customers' information, such as billing addresses, shipping addresses, order numbers, and receipts, for when they want to purchase a product or service from my company. I guess you could say I'm thinking of a software for management of customers' orders. Are there any good business management softwares out there that work well with JAWS?

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