Re: strange navigation issue with firefox

Bill White

What kind of laptop do you have. If it isn't a Del computer, someone sighted needs to go into your BIOS or UEFI and turn off Media Keys, Action Keys, or Hot Keys, however it presents itself in your particular computer's BIOS or UEFI.

Bill White

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hey guys. OK, as an example, if i hit, f1, all my audio mutes. This
has to be related to it

On 10/2/18, Jed Barton <> wrote:
this is getting stranger by the minute, the function keys don't seem
to be working well. i can't figure it out, like they don't seem to be
working right any thoughts?

On 10/2/18, Mario <> wrote:
an idea, but you probably thought of this.

first thing to check is the keyboard layout that the screen reader is
set to use. the laptop layout should be set for the laptop, see if that
makes a difference.

second, you can enable keyboard help and press that key to see if it is
identified as a home key. if you're using JAWS or NVDA, the command is
insert+1 above the letters. this is a toggle to enable or disable the

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Subject: strange navigation issue with firefox

Hey guys,

OK, got a good 1 here. So i haven't used the actual keyboard on my
laptop on ages. I usually use an external 1, but tonight i am using
the internal keyboard. For some reason, i am on a web page, and i
pressed alt home, or what i thought was alt home, and that usually
goes back to my home page. Not on the actual laptop keyboard, it's
not working. puzzled to say the least. At the end of the function
keys, there are a bunch of other keys, and atleast from my experience,
the 1st 1 of those keys is home. Am i missing something here, any
ideas? It works fine on my external keyboard.



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