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Michael Mote

Sometimes, I have better luck pressing Alt plus F to bring up my menu options in Chrome.  I also use this followed by the letter B as a shortcut to find my list of book marks. 



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Thank you muchly;

I guess that isn’t my original problem;


My original problem is that some pages I go onto allow me to hit the alt key and it shows the chrome menus and toolbars, etc,

And yet, others, hitting alt does absolutely nothing;


Not only that,

The pages where alt does nothing,

On those pages, ctrl+d to add the current page as a favorite doesn’t work either;

Its like some pages disable all the keyboard functionality?


I see this a lot from the google home page when first starting out on the browser;


I tried the f11 thinking that full screen was inadvertently turned on,

And still no go,

I don’t understand the rationale for the inconsistent behavior;


Any ideas?


Mike m.


Mike mcglashon

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Subject: Re: Navigating Favorites With Chrome


F11 is the toggle in to or out of Full Screen mode in the Chrome browser.


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