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I have my JAWS load up at the log in screen. I don’t understand this urgency for JAWS to load up.  Is it the old, I want it now! Mentality? Try and use a refurbished Windows 7, upgraded to 10 computer that is at least 7 years old and having to wait 10 minutes before JAWS 2018 loads up, as in no sound at all. Now I am using a Mac Book pro converted to windows with Boot camp, within 2 minutes everything is up and running, as in I can start working. NO more having the time to poor and drink my cup of coffee before JAWS starts working.     


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I also never felt the need to try and make Jaws load faster. Also, do you mean it should load faster at the logon screen or after you put in your PIN/Password? On most of my machines Jaws starts to speak at the logon screen almost simultaneously with the Windows Startup sound. Visually if somebody looks the password field is usually there a second or two before Jaws starts up, but to me that doesn’t matter. What did bother me a bit was the long wait time for Jaws to load after I put in my PIN/Password, my sighted wife says the desktop is there within a second or two after I put in my password and press enter, but Jaws 2018 always took super long to load, about 15 seconds at least. FS has said that this was because of Jaws looking for the proper license information or something like, but they have fixed this in Jaws 2019 where Jaws usually speaks after I press enter within 6 or so seconds, less than half the time it took before.





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Personally, I’d just get an SSD drive in your computer, rather than worrying about the load order.  It will be changed with every JAWS update.


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Some time ago, someone on this list gave tips for putting JAWS at the top of the Startup list in Windows. Can someone repost these steps for reorganizing the order of startup programs so that JAWS loads first?


Thank you.


Bill White




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