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I am using Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit on all my PC’s and on this laptop here at home I am running the latest Insider version 1809 built, 17763.1, I guess at this point we are only days or at best a week or two away from the start of the official public ro-out of 1809. Whether that makes a difference I don’t know which is why I said I would try how my work desktops behave which all run the latest built of 1803.






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Yes, your observations match mine, as well. Are you on a Windows 7 platform, or Windows 7? I'm on Windows 7.


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Very strange why this is inconsistent, but Alt+F does nothing for me and it doesn’t matter if I press and hold Alt and press F which is what Alt+F usually means or if I press Alt and let go and then press F. Actually, Alt+Down Arrow also does nothing.

For me it is pressing Alt by itself and letting go which brings up the menu, Jaws will say Customize and control Google Chrome.

If I press either up or down arrow at this point I get Settings, Help and Exit as the first three options, if I down arrow more I get to things like New Tab, New Window, New Incognito Window etc.

If I press up arrow after Alt I again get Settings, but then if I keep pressing up arrow it wraps around and I get the Paste which is the last option if I were to press down arrow.


As you said, Brian, if I press Alt and let go and then press left arrow it will take me into my list of installed extensions starting at the very right. That one is nice to know since usually I would go there by pressing F6 followed by Tab.

Pressing right arrow which I thought may take you to the extensions starting from the left side takes you to Reload this page, if I right arrow again I get View site information button menu secure and right again then goes into the address bar.


This is how it works on this laptop, I’ll try to remember to see if my desktops at work behave the same way.





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On Tue, Oct 2, 2018 at 03:59 AM, paul lemm wrote:

I just tried the alt, f and then B

Well, I can get ALT+F to bring up the Chrome Menu just as ALT followed by Down Arrow (which I note, and have seen others note as "ALT, Down Arrow").  If you follow either by B it will bring up the Bookmarks submenu which can then be up/down arrow and/or first letter navigated.

Interestingly ALT, Up Arrow will "drop down" the Chrome Menu, too.  If you have extensions ALT, Left Arrow will start moving you through any visible controls on the right side of the Chrome control bar, starting with your Chrome login then followed after that by whatever extensions you have installed that have visible controls, then dealing with the address box and its controls.

Chrome is quite accessible, it's just a matter of figuring out it's eccentricities (pretty much like having to figure out any program's eccentricities).

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