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Ann Byrne

In order for those key strokes to be spoken, you have to have 'access keys' set to all, whether you wanta hear them in other situations or not.

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I could swear that JAWS once did this by default, but on one client's machine it is not any longer.By "announce shortcut sequences" I mean that if, for instance, you hit the ALT key and focus is thrown to the upper ribbon you would get something like, "H, Home Ribbon," announced if that's where actual focus is and if you moved left or right with the arrow keys it would tell you what the "ALT+Letter" or just the letter itself is in order to throw focus to that ribbon immediately.Then, if you descend to the lower ribbon and are navigating controls, it would announce the additional letter or letters to activate that control after having done the ALT+Letter appropriate to get you to the upper ribbon for the controls you're traversing.When ALT is hit I am visually presented with every "next key" letter that could be pressed to make focus go to a given upper ribbon or control and that is hovering in a small square very near to the actual item that would get focus. If I hit ALT+Letter to focus on a specific ribbon, the additional letter shortcuts are shown in the same way for every control within that ribbon.I know that there is a way in JAWS to have these presented to the user, which is particularly helpful when they're new to a specific program or even a specific ribbon in a program that they had not previously used.If anyone can tell me what setting I need to tweak to turn this on/off I'd appreciate it. For anyone who also happens to be an NVDA user you can hear this behavior, which is on by default in NVDA, as you throw focus either to the upper ribbon via just ALT or to a specific ribbon as you traverse the controls. I want to replicate that in JAWS.--

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