Re: Online Banking and Picking a Range of Dates when Date Picker is Inaccessible?

Richard Turner

I'd suggest trying the demo version of Jaws 2018 or perhaps better Jaws 2019 beta and see if it works.
With Windows 10, the newer versions do work better, but I have no idea if they will help this particular problem.


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Subject: Online Banking and Picking a Range of Dates when Date Picker is Inaccessible?

Hi, Everyone.
I'm trying to download bank statements from my local American Savings website. I can get to the Statements page, but cannot pick a date range. The edit fields are read-only. on my Braille display, I can see text that shows the month, some white space, and the year. My husband says that there are left and right arrows that flank the month and year, and he can use the mouse to press the arrows to move the month and year incrementally up or down. When I hit the spacebar on the read-only edit field, forms mode turns on and a label that says, "select the date" comes up, but there is no way to change anything in the edit field. There's also a text version with a calendar that I'm assuming will let me choose the day. I have tried labeling the suspected graphic, but am told that I'm not on a graphic.

I am using Win10 and JFW17. I have tried the website with both JFW and NVDA with no luck. I have also tried using IE and Edge with no luck.

Has anyone seen this type of thing before? How have you worked around it?

Also, I remember some years back seeing that someone created a tutorial for Chrome. Is it still out there?


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