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This is one of the main reasons that's holding me back from adopting Chrome as my main browser or using it more often than now.
In Firefox, it's a super quick and easy alt plus B to the bookmarks menu and first letter navigation to whatever folder or bookmark I want.
Having a Firefox account also makes it super easy to keep everything synchronized across machines. I tried importing my Firefox bookmarks into Chrome and while they were uploaded, they're now buried in the imported bookmarks subfolder of the subfolder of the Chrome menu bar. I mean come on? How practical is that?
I know there's the view all bookmarks command in Chrome, but again, that's not really a practical solution. Sometimes, simplicity is best.
A while back, I inquired of a way to keep bookmarks synchronized across browsers, but didn't really get an answer.
The ideal set up would be to have bookmarks available across both Chrome and Firefox and maintain synchronicity, but alas. I believe there's an add-on called EverSync that does this, but as with many things, how's the accessibility and user experience. Also, I tink Everysinc is a paid service.
I've got so many subscriptions to this and that service that it begins to add up. I don't know if I want to shell out another $30 or $40 a year for this convenience.
So anyway, if there's in fact a quick and easy way to access Chrome bookmarks or if there's an add-on that does this, I'm all ears.


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In what browser is Alt+F followed by B supposed to woprk?
It doesn't do anything in Chrome, the Alt key alone brings up the menu, there is no "File" menu and for me Alt+f In Chrome does nothing.
As far as I am concerned there simply are no quick and easy shortcuts in Chrome to select a certain bookmark.

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pressing alt+f then b will open the bookmarks list. then using first letter navigation to move to the items that correspond to the letter you typed and enter on the item you want. I haven't played around with anything else.

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Subject: Navigating Favorites With Chrome

Hi, What is the most efficient way to quickly access the imported Internet Favorites with Chrome and Windows 10 and JAWS 2018?

I have worked with Chrome a little to get to my saved Website links but I cannot find any keystrokes as simple as with I E 11 so will appreciate some guidance from more experience users. Thanks, Mitch

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