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Mike Rogers

My chrome stopped working, altogether. Using Jws 18 and 19 beta with same results. I was told by one who knows, that the old Internet Explorer actually works best with Jaws. Very reliable source. Turns out that I.E. actually works very well and I'm using it for now.


On Sun, 30 Sep 2018 10:37:05 -0400
"mike mcglashon" <> wrote:

Hey guys,

I write this in a jaws context because I am not sure how else to address the

I am using win10 jaws2018 and chrome;

Some pages I go too, don't allow me to use alt to open the menus,

And further, those same pages don't allow me to do a ctrl+d to add to

It doesn't seem to matter if the window is maximized or not;

Is this a jaws issue?

Or is it strictly a chrome issue?

Can someone please advise?

Mike m.

Mike mcglashon

Email: <>

Ph: 618 783 9331

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