Problems when entering formulae in Excel


Dear List Friends,
While entering formulae in Excel using the arrow keys, JAWS does not speak the cell coordinates when arrowing left or right but will speak them if arrowing up or down. For example, if I want to enter =B1+B2 in cell A1, JAWS will read “=B1” when I arrow down from A1 after typing the = sign. But when I press the + sign & arrow right to B2, JAWS will stay silent. But the formula appears in cell A1.
Kindly advise how I can make JAWS read the cell references when arrowing left or right when entering formulae.
I am using a 64 bit Windows 7OS with JAWS 18 & Office 2016.
Thanking you in advance for any & all assistance.
Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India

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