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Hi Brian,
Thank you very much for verifying the Office 365 subscription / download query.  I'm going to get Office 2016 Home and Student from the Microsoft Store.  Thanks again.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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           To my knowledge Office 365 is strictly a subscription service, and looking at this Microsoft Office Product Page bears that out.

            With recent changes in the law in the EU and several other venues Microsoft can no longer tie a Microsoft Office single install license to a single machine.  That license can still only be used for a single instance of Office, but if the machine it was originally on is decommissioned the license is free to be used on a different computer.  This has caused a cottage industry to pop up in Europe and the Far East where machines being scrapped are being bought up, the licenses extracted, then the machines are scrapped or recycled.  Those licenses are offered for sale on eBay for a song.

              I have now updated 5 computers, 4 in my household and one for a regular who shall remain nameless here, with Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus using licenses purchased from eBay for less than $10 each.  The last one cost me the princely sum of $5.39, and though I had to use the phone activation rather than internet activation, it activated without a hitch.

               If you want installed then it's some version of Office 2016.  Given the low cost of recycled licenses, I'd definitely try one of those first.  I did have one that would not work and the seller promptly sent me a different license key.  If you see someone selling these that has solid seller ratings in their profile I wouldn't hesitate for one second.  A couple of these that I bought for under $7.50 were from new and unknown sellers, but the potential loss (which, by the way, did not happen) was so small it was well worth the risk compared to the cost of a brand new license.

               This practice, by the way, is entirely legal, at least if done under the current laws.  The one thing that does get fudged a lot is that the sellers are supposed to have to sell you the actual junked hardware, too.  They generally do, on paper, then you "donate it back" to the seller and never see it.


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