Re: Does anybody use word press with jars?

David & his pack of dogs

There is a face book group specifically for word press users.  One of the members probably the mod offered to help me with mine, at a cost of course.  Problem was, his grammar was so pathetic that I felt if he is so negligent about not using a spell checker/grammar checker, how could he help build a professional looking word press blog. Sorry, how we come across to the general public is extremely important. If words are crammed together or our grammar is poor it reflects negatively on our product and makes us look uneducated. Thus someone will go somewhere else.     


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Hello David. I would appreciate it if you would pass along links to the tutorials that you found particularly helpful.

Thanks so much.

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Word Press is very accessible with JAWS.

I have my own blog that I am setting up right now.

There are great tutorials on line, and JAWS works very well with the free:

David Moore


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Subject: Does anybody use word press with jars?




Does anyone here use Wordpress with their computer and Jaws? I also read that there are tutorials to use it, but again, I don’t know if that’s using it with jaws. Could I get some information from you guys on how well it works and whether or not I can start a blog?







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