JAWS and Goldwave presets


I'm using the latest version of Goldwave with JAWS 2018 on Windows 7:

whenever I navigate to any effect I want to test out on a sound file,
JAWS does not read the names of the presets as I down arrow but the
preset does activated when pressing F4 to preview the result, but then
don't know what preset I'm testing out. however, the only way I can get
JAWS to announce the name is to press alt+down arrow, arrow down or up
to a preset, press alt+up arrow, and press F4. this gets rather tedious
after doing it for a few times. in other instances where I can adjust a
setting for the preset and where I can type a value instead of arrowing
to change the value, JAWS remains silent when pressing the down or up

I have emailed Jim Grimsby and it was established that the scripts are
at least loading properly but something is still not right because my
problem persists, and he is unable to Tandem at this time to investigate
and fix my problem.

does anyone have an idea as to what to do to either troubleshoot and/or
fix my problem, or have the email address of Gary Campbell, Jim Bowers,
Jitendra and/or Ramkumar?

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