Re: Figured work-around for JAWS beta for 40-minute mode

Mário Navarro <mario.gnv@...>

Yes, absolutely right.
That's exactly what I do now.


Às 12:05 de 29/09/2018, Joseph Norton escreveu:

Hi listers:


A few days ago, a list member had trouble using JAWS Beta in 40-minute mode.


The problem was that JAWS was saying a corporate license file was needed.  When selecting “OK” on this button, JAWS would close.


It turns out that this problem only occurs if you select the checkbox to not show the authorization dialog at startup.


So, when you first install the beta on a system not authorized for JAWS, you can still run it in 40-minute mode, but, you should not check the box that says “do not show this dialog again” at startup.  Each time you start the beta, you will need to hit the button “Continue in 40-minute mode” (by pressing alt-C) at startup.


I have reported this on the beta report form.


Hope this helps.



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