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Hi, Kim. One thing you want to make sure of is that "turn off Attachment Preview is checked. This is in Outlook Options under Trust Center. Once you open Trust Center, press ALT plus T for Trust Center Settings. Arrow to Attachment Handling, then TAB to the Turn Off Attachment Preview, make sure it is checked, then TAB to the OK button in Trust center.

Having Attachment Preview turned off makes it easier to Right and Left Arrow through your list of attachments.

If you feel more comfortable with someone on the phone with you while you explore these options, you may call me between nine AM and nine PM Pacific Time. My number is:


Bill White

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Hi Ann,

Unfortunately, in this case, insert A doesn't work. When I press
insert A Jaws says "no attachments" even though I know for a fact that
there are attachments. I tried this on several emails and never was
able to reach the attachments.


On 9/27/18, Ann Byrne <> wrote:
Insert+a shows the list of attachments. Tab to the 'open' button and
press enter. Read to your heart's content.


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