Re: Accessing attachments in outlook 2016

Ann Byrne

you should be able to shift-tab once while in the message and land on the attachments. If insert+a doesn't work, though, shift+tab probably doesn't either. There is a way that people attach files so you can't get to them with JAWS. Ugh!

At 05:58 AM 9/28/2018, you wrote:
Hi Ann,

Unfortunately, in this case, insert A doesn't work. When I press
insert A Jaws says "no attachments" even though I know for a fact that
there are attachments. I tried this on several emails and never was
able to reach the attachments.


On 9/27/18, Ann Byrne <> wrote:
Insert+a shows the list of attachments. Tab to the 'open' button and
press enter. Read to your heart's content.


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