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Kimber Gardner

Yes, I can save through the file menu in the manner that you describe. But I don’t always want to save every attachment that I receive, and I would like to view it before I decide whether I want to save it or not. Is there a way to do this?

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Are you able to save through the file menu?
Alt F
Save attachments
Tab to arrangements
Arrow to document you want to save
Press enter
Select folder where you would like to save the document

I have the same set up as you do. I am able to follow the above steps and also see the option you mention to save all attachments.


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can provide instructions.

My office has recently upgraded to outlook 2016 in conjuction with office 365. Whenever I get an email with one or more attachments, the only way I can access them is by doing a save all attachments. I see a button that says attachments but pressing space or enter on it seems to have no effect. In previous versions of outlook I could back tab to the attachments then press enter to activate. This no longer seems to work. Back tabbing takes me only to that infernal button. What am I missing?

Any help is appreciated.



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