labeling buttons on webpages invirtual cursor mode

mike mcglashon


Here’s what I found.


I am using a website called “oyez” where one can listen and download audio recordings of supreme court arguments.


Te issue is when I pull up the “oral argument -month, day, year”,

There comes up a player at the bottom of the screen with five “unlabeled 0” buttons.


I was able to label the buttons on one case whilst having it up there for listening or downloading,


However, when I pulled up another case,

The labels are gone; like jaws forgot because it may think that the new case is in fact a new page?


Is this how it works?


Or, is it supposed to work that once the buttons are labeled, it should remember them no matter which case I bring up.


I do understand that there domains of sorts, where eve n though the site has many pages, they look the same to you and i.


I hope I have explained it correctly;


Thank you muchly for any assistance to be rendered.




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