Getting Jaws to Read Extended Info When Tabbing Through the Ribbon in Word 2016

Jim Fettgather

Hello, there is another screen reader that, when tabbing through any
items on ribbons in Office programs, automatically reads extended help
information, such as
Grow Font, Make your text a bit larger

Or, when Tabbing to text effects, it will read,
Add some flare to your document such as a shadow or glow.
So, every time you tab, you get some kind of pop up, balloon, or help tag.
I am not suggesting that we would always want this information, but I
am wondering if there is a Jaws setting that, when tabbing through
items on the ribbon, might give this extended helpful information,
which could be especially useful for new users that are acclimating to
the ribbon.
I have tried a number of verbosity levels, but I must be missing something.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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