Re: how to have jaws speek where a file is located

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The OP described using the windows key search box to find the file. In that case, at least on my own Windows 10 machine, alt-enter (which I was actually going to suggest) does not work and in fact performs the same function as hitting enter/opening the file. When I press the application key I also get a heavily truncated menu that only includes a couple of options, usually, depending on what type of file is focused on. “open file location” is as far as I know always one of those options. This isn’t the same as using the search function in file explorer, which should in fact take you directly to the path as you mentioned.


I tested the alt-enter just now and was kind of surprised it didn’t do what I was expecting, but there you go.




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Subject: Re: how to have jaws speek where a file is located


The Open File Location is only available if you are dealing with a shortcut, it is not even available if you are on an actual file because if you are in Windows Explorer and highlight a file and not a shortcut then you are already at the file location.

Another method if you want to see but not copy the entire path would be to go into the file’s properties by pressing Alt+Enter, you always land on the “Read Only” checkbox, press Shift+Tab once and if you use Jaws then route the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor and arrow down once and Jaws will read the file location. If it’s too long and gets cut off you can left click on it once with the Jaws cursor and it will then read it completely.



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Once the file is highlighted, use your applications key and select one of the following:

Open file location

Copy full path


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Subject: how to have jaws speek where a file is located


Tood morning:


I am trying to locate a file on the computer I press the windows key and let up on it and type part of the name


Windows will show me there is a file on the computer but it wont speek the location of the file on the computer.


Any help would be appreciated.



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