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David Moore

Thanks a lot, Brian for explaining all of that!

That is why I use Gmail as much as I can, and a Microsoft account, like Outlook!

I do not even use my ISP provider!

David Moore


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From: Brian Vogel
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On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 06:31 PM, David Moore wrote:

You can create the filters and folders on the Web site of your email account, and they carry over to the mail app. You do not have to create the rules in the mail app to have them!

David, I wish that statement were as rock solid as you express it but, alas, it is not.

There are some providers that have no server side filtering or do not give end users any easy access to it, and that's appalling for anyone offering IMAP service.

But for anyone who has the option of doing server side filtering they should.   I was just working with a client who faced a "download nightmare" after having been away from home for about a month and having a massive backlog of mail that had to be filtered by Outlook on receipt, and having the moves into folders using IMAP folders, which is (as the local saying goes) "going around Jake's barn" to accomplish something that could and should have been done completely on the server and the already filtered messages downloaded.  

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