Re: Using an external numeric keypad with Jaws and encountering some problems


Yes. Numlock on or off doesn’t’ change the behavior of the * or / keys. Like I said, when numlock is off, the external numeric keypad works perfectly fine for navigation commands and whatever other Jaws commands, but it’s when numlock is on for the actual number function do I get the numlock off announcement for every number I press. The numbers do indeed register, but you can imagine how distracting hhearing that spoken every time you punching in something. Especially if you’re trying to take down information over the phone.

Another thing, The plus key above the enter key is always the PC cursor regardless of numlock status. Similar to the left and right mouse key behavior.

It’s perfectly fine that the left and right mouse keys behave as they should with numlock off, but when it’s toggled to on that it becomes an issue.

That’s why I was curious to know if this was perhaps something isolated to a particular numeric keypad or if it’s something of a more general Jaws conflict.




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On Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 06:40 PM, Bill White wrote:

The reason the Star and Slash say left and right mouse is that, these are the keys for the left and right mouse in JAWS.

But that's only supposed to be the case if Num Lock is off.  I've used the internal number pad in "full number pad mode" on machines running JAWS, using slash for divide and star for multiply when in calculator programs or others that recognize them as math operators when number lock was on.  It has been a while, however.

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