Using an external numeric keypad with Jaws and encountering some problems


Hello list,

I do a lot of number typing and because of this, I finally got tired of toggeling the numlock key on and off and forgetting what it was on. I decided to get an external numeric keypad and using it for the data entry part and leaving the onboard numpad as the navigation keys.

Anyway, I ended up buying the Jelly Comb wireless model:

The computer recognizes it fine with the little wireless dongle, but I’m finding that when I try to use it, Jaws will say “numlock off” for every single number on the 10-key when in the number state. Also, regardless if numlock is on or off, the / and * keys above #8 and 9 will activate as left and right mouse click. Not good if you want to punch in dates.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone’s actually using an external numeric keypad be it this one or some other model and if there’s either a fix for these particular issues or maybe there’s a specific model that plays well with Jaws?

I can even live with the numlock off announcement thing if I really, really had to, but the left and right mouse button thing I find really disruptive since without it, there’s no quick and convenient way to punch in dates.





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