Re: getting the mail ap in windows 10 to work with jaws?

Joseph Norton



Thanks for those observations.


Things like this are why I advocate having more than one screen reader on a system.



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Sent: Monday, September 24, 2018 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: getting the mail ap in windows 10 to work with jaws?


The Windows 10 mail app is compatible with JAWS, but it works much better with NVDA. For example, when I start typing an e-mail address in the to field, NVDA reads the suggested recipients that pop up automatically, while JAWS does not. To get JAWS to read this information, I must tab out of the to field. Additionally, JAWS does not always accurately read message sender information while navigating the inbox with the arrow keys, whereas NVDA does not seem to have any trouble with this. Third, when I press enter to open a message from the inbox, JAWS frequently crashes. Sometimes, the mail app crashes along with it. I have never encountered this serious bug with NVDA running.


Finally, unlike NVDA, JAWS has had a difficult time keeping up with updates to the mail app. Since the app first became accessible, I have noticed accessibility regressions on at least three occasions. While VFO has always fixed these problems reasonably quickly, the issues were frustrating.


As a result of the above issues, I now use the Windows 10 mail app almost exclusively with NVDA, which interacts with it quite smoothly and adapts to changes faster. I hope this helps.




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Thunderbird is easy to get going, especially for a common email.  I don't remember the exact steps, but once you open it, it will likely ask for the email address you wish to configure,then it will give you options like whether you want pop or imap using its database or configure it yourself.  Using the database makes the process nothing to fear.




On 9/24/2018 11:18, Michael Amaro wrote:

Could you please give me step by step instructions on how to set it up?  I am trying to set up my friend's msn email address in windows live.  So far no luck.  I am about to pull out my hair.


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Subject: Re: getting the mail ap in windows 10 to work with jaws?


I played with it  It is Clunky  Thunderbirds better and easier to set up

On Sep 22, 2018, at 14:34, Michael Amaro <mikeameli@...> wrote:

Hello Listers,


How easy is it to use the mail ap in windows 10 with jaws?  I am having no luck in setting up my friend's @msn email address in windows live mail.  There for I want to go the mail ap route.  I my self have never used  the mail ap.  How easy is it to teach some one that doesn't know much about technology?  Is it easy to set up an acount?









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