Re: Firefox Lagging and Freezing

Chris Hill


You may not be able to go back to a version much older than you have.  I tried to go back to 52esr when my 60 or whatever was acting up a while back.  I could go back, but none of my stuff was in the old version.  It had been converted and the old deleted, apparently.  I had a backup, so it wasn't more than a minor issue.  If you are even having a problem with ff and nvda, I think you have a different problem than the rest of us.  I'd suggest a scan with malware bytes, your firefox sounds like it may have a malware problem.

On 9/24/2018 20:15, N K Shackelford wrote:
Firefox freezes completely pretty quickly after I open it. It happens
with JAWS and N V D A also. I really need to have it because I have
several sites with passwords I don't have any more and I don't want to
have to reset them all. Should I go back to an earlier version?



On 9/17/18, Jerry Berrier via Groups.Io
<jerry.berrier@...> wrote:
I’m wondering if anybody else is having this problem.

I’m running Firefox version 62, latest version of JFW, and Windows 10.

I’ll be arrowing down through a web page, and all of a sudden JAWS just
stops reading. Sometimes it comes back after a few seconds, but not always.

I especially notice it when reading the Boston Globe in NFB Newsline on the

Also when I’m using Google Docs, I’m noticing an irritating lag when I hit
up or down arrow in a document.

Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

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