Re: speech rates and apps.

Soronel Haetir

As far as I am aware that would require setting up different voice
profiles (one for each different rate you want) and then assigning the
desired profile to each application.

To set up voice profiles go to the jaws menu (alt+j), then options,
voices, voice adjustment.
Choose the starting profile then adjust the speech rate then use the
"save as" button to give it a different name.
When done hit enter and choose "no" when asked if you want to make the
current profile the default (unless you actually do, in which case
choose "yes").

To assign a profile to an application, with the program of interest
focused hit jaws+ctrl+s then tab to the application-specific profile
list and choose the profile you want to assign then hit enter. Repeat
for any other programs you want to assign a different profile to.

On 9/23/18, mark Hemmings <> wrote:
Hi all:
haven't been a jaws list for a while and I would like some help.
can anyone tell me how I might get speech rates to vary for different
applications, without having to adjust it on the fly? if it is simple,
my mind is to highly trained to get it without an explanation.
thanks for any help.

Soronel Haetir

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