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I have two HP EliteDesk mini PC’s at my business and while they are not laptops they are failry new and one would assume that HP uses the same BIOS and so on on computers of a similar vintage. One thing that may be different from what you guys have though is the fact that my HP EliteDesks at the time came with Windows 7 Professional installed via a downgrade license. I completely wiped and reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch. I find often that factory installed systems load stuff which can interfere, for example, when I first received these computers they had some sort of security feature which required you to enter a password even before the Windows logon screen came up. I am not saying that is what your laptops do, but if they load some sort of wallpaper that may very well be an HP thing which interferes and I wonder if you were to completely wipe the drives and reinstalled Windows 10 whether this problem would disappear.



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 HP puts up some wallpaper before the logon screen, Mike Dell does not do that that’s why think this is unique to HP. This gives jaws part of the problem at logon. May want to try narrator or as I mentioned earlier shortcut keys at start up. 


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Hi Dan and others,


Thanks for responding. It's useful to hear that others are experiencing this issue too.


Yes Dan, I have an HP Ultrabook - the HP Spectre.  Is your machine an HP one too?






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Yes, when this occurs, which is often, I use my shortcut keys to get JAWS to speak and JAWS then speaks the LogOn screen information.  Do you have an HP machine?  VFO has never given me any great assistance in the matter.  Even if I hit any key JAWS will not speak until I use the shortcut method.  Like you, JAWS is set to start at logon.





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Subject: JAWS not speaking on Windows 10 logon screen




I posted yesterday about a problem I was having whereby JAWS wouldn’t speaking on the lock screen.  However, JAWS did speak when I pressed any key to dismiss the lock screen and bring up the password field.


I have since disabled the lock screen, but JAWS doesn’t speak at all on the logon screen now regardless of how long I leave it.  JAWS does speak when I enter the password and the desktop comes up.  I have checked, and JAWS is set to load at the logon screen.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


HP Spectre laptop, Windows 10 latest version, JAWS 2019 Beta.


Thanks a lot,



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