Re: paprika recipe manager?


There is a Paprika app for Windows. I purchased it at one point and it was basically completely inaccessible and I was able to get a refund. They apologized for it not being accessible, but it didn’t sound like they were interested in putting too much of an effort into accessibility. Of course by now it might be a UWP app in the Windows 10 store, not sure, unfortunately these apps don’t have a great trck record of being accessible as of yet. Hopefully this will change, maybe Microsoft who also is fairly serious about accessibility at this stage could make it a condition for developers to considder accessibility if possible.





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Jessica, Did you check to see if there is a Paprika3 program for windows? I love this app, but have never received any reply to the many support requests, I have sent. I have only used it with iOS, but, have been tempted to purchase the Mac version.


I do wish that companies would use names for their apps/programs that are not a common word!

I have had trouble importing recipes from Paprika to Paprika3. They were all lost, and I still need to type them in, again. While trying to do this, I also tried to export from Paprika to Paprika3, and somehow the only recipes that remained were the ones from Paprika3. Last year they had a special allowing one to buy the Mac version for a reduced price, but, I was out-of-town and did not have my Mac.

 Diane Bomar

On Aug 16, 2018, at 12:54, Jessica D <jldail13@...> wrote:


I’m a huge fan of Paprika recipe manager.


I’m using jaws 18, with windows 10.


This app is 100% enaccessible.


Can jaws fix this?





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